Friday, May 27, 2011

Tribute to Stellie Vi

I always feel nostalgic in May because of Stellie Vi's birthday. Born Stella Violet Kinnear, she was always a doer. And the one strength I've inherited from her is perseverance.

When my dad died she took a job in Qantas Catering to make ends meet. But after three years,
Bill Masterton, who had also lost his wife, became the love of her life. They clicked immediately. And I think the whole church enjoyed watching their courtship develop. It was such a happy time, I felt like a mother advising her daughter as their relationship deepened. I guess it was extra special to me because dear Bill had been my Sunday School teacher.

Bill was a softly spoken man but his voice could boom out on occasions. A voracious reader, he loved poetry and could quote reams of his favorite poems by heart. He was a navy cartographer and enjoyed squiring my mother to navy receptions. Oh, the whole thing was pure romance!

When they decided to marry, their best friends opened their house for the wedding ceremony and the  reception. As matron of honour, my biggest fear was that I'd burst into tears with the emotion of it all, but as it happened, I was just too happy for them both. Stellie's gown was a gorgeous jade green and brought out the same shade in her hazel eyes. With love radiating from her whole being, I think she made the most beautiful bride I had ever seen. She glowed!

Since they've both gone to be with the Lord after almost twenty years together, I often shed a tear over the beautiful cards and letters Bill would write to her, even though they were never apart. And one tender line he wrote I included in my book which will be published this coming September. It's this....."My darling, we have something special that no one, no distance, no time can take away; we have each other."

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Margaret Lepke said...

Oh Rita, I had a tear in my eye when I read this. How generous and loving is our God to give such a special gift of love! And when I think that He acts with the same love toward all of us in so many different ways, it takes my breath away. By the way, your mum looks so much like you :)