Friday, July 27, 2012


A primate and a bird?

When you look at this picture it's hard to imagine such disparate creatures so at ease with each other! Well, it seems so anyway. Did that bird actually enjoy its wings stroked? Or did it fly off almost immediately? And that wistful look on the cute baby monkey's face. Maybe it had lost its mother and was lonely and needed what we call "creature comfort". Who knows? Because strange things like this often occur in nature. I saw a television documentary on this unusual friendship pairing. This time it was that of an elephant and a dog. And I'm sure you've also seen creatures of one kind nurturing newborns from another species.

I guess I could stretch the point and say that humans do this to a lesser degree. Sometimes we see a couple and think "How can such opposites be attracted to each other?" That often remains a mystery to many of us. When two absolutely differing personalities connect in a true and loving relationship. And yet they delight in their differences. Yes, maybe like all of us they need to work through their differences, but this they do willingly.

I well remember Bill and Jane - (not their real names).  Jane was an accomplished pianist who taught music. Bill was a sailor who couldn't hold a tune. Many of their Christian friends counselled them that it just wouldn't work. "Too many differences" they pontificated. But this couple had prayed about it and felt the Lord had given them a real peace to go forward with their marriage.

Fifty-five years later, having been blessed with children and grandchildren, they thank God for those very differences that somehow drew them together. I wonder how many examples of this you have heard of and seen?


Jedidja said...

Great post!

Margaret Lepke said...

As a counselor, I have seen MANY couples like that. Opposites attract, that seems to be a fact. But sadly, when 'real life' sets in most of them end up unhappy or divorced. It's usually only those who know Jesus as their Savior that can turn their differences into mutual advantages and grow by them. Why? Because they have a higher goal in life that shapes them: to please and serve their God.
Btw, that picture is sooo cute! Thanks, Rita.

Crystal Mary said...

Beautifully written Rita, very sensitive and caring. When I first looked at the picture I wondered it the baby monkey was stroking his meal? Lol... I am so mean.
Then reading what you wrote and looking closer, it seems, both have found a friend. Yes and like your couple who have celebrated many years of marriage,opposites can balance each other and can turn out a success. xxx