Sunday, July 8, 2012

Whether you want to add spice, develop intimacy, or revive your union, The Tie That Binds shows you how. Turning traditional marriage concepts upside down, Debra White Smith shares how she and her husband went from an okay marriage to a dynamite relationship full of high-level attraction, terrific communication, mutual respect, tons of laughter, and great romance.

Their revolution began when Debra quit waiting for results. She began to romance her husband with gusto, and soon he returned the favor! As they explored their marriage, they overturned notions of hierarchies, equality, and cultural ideals to...

* put Jesus and His teachings first in their lives
* synthesize and apply biblical teaching
* serve each other enthusiastically
* make all major decisions jointly
* set aside time for romance and fun
You’ll find hope, enthusiasm, and excitement as you take this fresh look at your marriage and dare to explore God’s original design for marriage. Debra's first goal as an author and speaker is to be real--to deal honestly with real issues and show God's grace in the midst of everyday life. She possesses a passion to apply the whole Bible to ordinary life and inspire people to encounter God's revolutionary power in every aspect of their lives. When she ministers, through hilarity or tears, her goal is to encourage people to cling to God and implement practical, vibrant biblical truths that will empower them and change their lives.
Since 1997 Debra has been blessed with over 1
million books in print. She grins when she tells us she has a Ph.D from the school of hard knocks.

Her award winning writing, humour and biblical knowledge have made her a much sought-after conference speaker.

* If you are looking for that extra edge in your marriage, why not search out The Tie That Binds?

I confess I was curious to discover a book with this title as I have just written a historical romance novel with the same name, but though based on many true happenings it is fiction. Thanks for sharing such sanctified commonsense with us Debra. As my aunt would have called it...santifigumption!


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WordTinker said...

I can't wait to read it, Rita. Thanks for introducing this book!