Friday, June 6, 2014


Dear God,

The rehearsal's over, the church is quiet and dim and now our wedding, the day that we've looked forward to, dreamed about, saved for, and planned in every detail is almost here.

Although most marriages begin with so much love and such high expectations, they often seem to dwindle into boredom, or worse still, downright dislike. For there is no denying, God, that though we'd like to feel we know each other inside out, our marriage cannot help but be a journey of discovery.

We want to make our marriage work, but in the light of cold reality perhaps we'll need some help in order to live happily ever after.

So please be with us, God? Not simply in the church tomorrow but will you travel with us day by day and year by year, giving us all that we will need if we're to weather the sunshine and the storms we'll surely face.

Excerpt from: Dear God, It's Me and It's Urgent
Prayers for every season of a woman's life  by Marion Stroud

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