Thursday, November 20, 2014


Francine Rivers, bestseller author of Christian fiction  says,
In truth, the Bible is a romance and every word is true.  It is the story of the heights, lengths and depths that God will go to bring us into an intimate, all-consuming love relationship with Him.

She also tells of the way her family have needed God's care:
We all have close calls, those times when we know we have come face to face with eternity. Our heart rate skyrockets and adrenalin kicks in to reaction quickly.  Sometimes we look back and see how we were plucked out of situations that could have ended disastrously.

My husband, Rick, has had numerous close calls in his life.  When he was a boy and living in Jordan, his family scheduled a photo safari in Kenya.  At the last minute, they had to cancel because Dad Bill got a call from the airline he directed that he was needed.  The Mau Mau Uprising sent tribesmen on a rampage, killing every white person they could find in the same area where Rick and his parents would have camped.

When Rick served in Vietnam, he stood guard duty one night.  He stepped down and headed into a bunker when a rocket hit exactly where he had been standing.

And another time Rick took our eldest son fishing in British Columbia.  The one and only time he forgot to check for a map and compass, he got lost in heavy fog.  They knew they were close to shipping lanes and in danger of being run down in a small fishing boat.  He tried to dead reckon back to shore, but couldn’t find it.  So he prayed, “Lord, if anyone has to die because of my mistake, please don’t let it be Trevor.” As soon as he finished praying, the fog lifted and they were right at the mouth of the cove where their camp was located.

I sometimes wonder how many other times the Lord has intervened or sent angels in disguise to protect us. 

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