Thursday, November 13, 2014


What will He write in the way of recording my life and yours?

My first chapter began at birth and followed my growing up years until I reached school age. Then followed fairly uneventful teens filled with longings I didn't fully understand.
Then I grew up only to discover the chapter of romance and love and being cherished in return. I also learned about conflict and resolution. A few years later I became a mother and found another love in my life. Then the chapters fly by and I believe there are more to be written, but I still wonder about my final chapter.

His Word, the Holy Bible, was written by His scribes. Even so He is the Author. No one can add or take away from this precious book. It stands for all time unedited.

He is also the lover of my soul. He is my wise all-knowing Heavenly Father who is always there to listen to me...ME! The wonder of this never ceases to amaze me.

He allows things to happen that I would never choose for myself. But when I look back I can see the purpose. Sometimes a case of correcting, sometimes a time of learning. Often the special training for patience because He knows I hate waiting. Yet everything, yes, everything is for my good. And only a loving father does that.

My name is already written in His BOOK of LIFE, but there are still many chapters yet to be written and I cannot read between the lines. And being human with a free will I can make a host of mistakes. That is why He took the trouble to give us HIS STORY which is even more than mere history. We are privileged to read the Manufacturer's Directions every day... if we choose. And so many genres! Poetry, history, love songs, praise songs, prophecies, guidelines and more ... it's all there.

What will my next chapter be? I can plan a rough outline of my life, but desire His will not mine. He knows best as I've proved so many times in my life. And He wants the best for me ... and you. To think He loves us so much He gave His only Son, Jesus as a sacrifice to pay the penalty for all those sins of ours!

Oh yes, my Lord is a God of variety who has created us to fulfil His purposes. And best of all, following Him is NEVER DULL. Our lives can be real page turners when He is in control.

What will be the next chapter in your life?

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Crystal Mary said...

Hello Rita, I have just purchased your book, Signed Sealed and Delivered, and I look forward to reading it... I am reading another one at the moment, so hope to begin yours next week. And of course I will write a review on it. With love Crystal Lindsey. xx