Friday, August 15, 2014


Sandra Orchard lives in a hundred year old
farmhouse in the Niagra region of Ontario, Canada with her children and  husband of twenty-five years.

From a young age she dreamed of being a writer so she took a writing course but never thought of pursuing publication. Then following her mom's
death, she discovered Christian fiction.

Reading about characters battling the same yearnings, frustrations and questions she battled, and overcoming them by God's grace, restored her hope and rekindled her passion for writing.

She says that when her husband suggested
she write her own stories little did he know where that off handed remark would lead.

Six years and several much revised novels later, I received my first contract. What a wonderful way to celebrate my graduation from home school teacher to full-time author.

I've had the privilege of working with many talented authors and aspiring writers and informants who have enriched my life with insights, suggestions, humor and prayers. Oh, yes, and chocolate!

My husband and children continue to be my most enthusiastic supporters and encouragers. My youngest daughter, a freelance writer and aspiring novelist herself, presents an understanding ear when 'writer's block' sets in. My eldest daughter types my handwritten pages. My son answers the "would a guy do this?" questions. And my dear husband is happy to stand in for my hero any time I need to get my descriptions just right.

I feel truly blessed to have a husband  and children so very supportive of all my dreams.

* Thank you Sandra for giving us some background of the family life of a full-time author.

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