Friday, February 20, 2015


Robert and Lori Evans are an interesting and energetic couple. They host a TV show together.  Catch

No doubt this has drawn them closer in their marriage as they honour the Lord in their endeavours.

Robert is a ACSM Certified Personal Trainer (American College of Sports Medicine) and has been active in Kung Fu (martial arts) since 1993. After years of training people in martial arts the Lord is now using those experiences for God's glory to help encourage Christians to exercise and have a desire to take care of their Temple of the Holy Spirit by being physically fit and honoring the Lord with their lives in all things.  

 Lori has experienced a multitude of surgeries and illnesses in her adult life. Through God's miraculous healing hand and an encounter with the Lord Jesus, she is now using those experiences to help Christians understand the benefits of proper nutrition and learning the word of God. She has an evangelist's heart and a desire for everyone to learn and receive the Love of Christ and live victoriously each day through the word of God.

Christian Fitness was birthed from a burden
concerning the sedentary lifestyle that many have adopted not fully realizing the negative affect it is having on their physical health, with Christians being no exception.

The Evans say:

We are all called to be disciples and to be a witness of God's glory and everlasting promise. In order to carry out this commission, we must be spiritually and physically strong. God has opened the door for Christian Fitness to provide an opportunity to assist followers of Jesus to live a spiritually strong life and healthier lifestyle.

Oops! I have been neglecting to walk the block lately! I must get back to it. What about you? 

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