Friday, February 27, 2015

The Gift of Love Goes on Giving

Sarah and Jonas - Brooklyn Bridge, NY
I met Sara Goff online and asked her to share her story.

Back in 1996, I was working long hours as a buyer in New York's fashion industry. In the evenings I began working on a vague idea for a novel. I felt empty inside and wanted to make a difference in someone's life.

I tried different areas of voluntary community work but nothing filled the emptiness. One evening, alone in my Manhattan apartment, I sat on the floor sobbing and praying in earnest, "God take my life and do something with it. I've gotten this far, but you can do so much more. here I am use me for some purpose."

After several years before my life began to change. I lost my father to cancer and then I changed my job in fashion just to pay the bills. I found more time for my writing and pursued that.

Shortly after, I met Jonas. he became not only the best friend in my life but my husband. We rented out the apartment and travelled the world.

 A trip to Kenya opened my eyes to a level of giving I had not witnessed before. I met a young Masai girl whose generosity planted a seed in my heart for charity that finally bloomed. At this time we lived with our son - just a few months old - in Sweden where I had time and space to think. I felt the urge to seek out new relationships through a worthwhile project.

I knew of struggling schools in Kenya and a care centre for street kids in the Philippines. Sara eventually set up a website to give these children the opportunity to express their creativity and individualism and in doing that instilling hope and confidence.

The answer to many prayers became Lift the Lid, a registered US charity that is building classrooms, a science lab, a lunch program, sanitary guidance to girls, books, and writing competitions. All to give a voice to underprivileged students by publishing their writing.

Thank you Sara. A beautiful story of how God uses ordinary people to change lives.


Sara Goff said...

Thank you, Rita. You're a kind and generous soul.

Rita Galieh said...

Thank YOU, Sara for sharing this wonderful story with us!

Narelle Atkins said...

Hi Sara, I love your story and your generous heart :)